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The Dog Project is about having a good time while observing the Golden Rule in our daily lives (kindness to people, animals and the earth we all share).  

An exciting part of our program of being kind to the earth is helping to  demonstrate the use of new forms of planet friendly alternative energy sources.

For example, the Long Island Power Authority and the ERG Company have donated, installed and are testing in The Dog Project building at the Sands Point Preserve a first of its kind geothermal cooling and heating system.  This system uses no oil or gas, is extremely efficient and effective, and consumes only about half the power of a standard air conditioning and heating unit.  And the installation cost will be approximately comparable to a standard system.

This is one of the practical ways of eliminating our dependency on non-renewable energy sources such as oil, gas, coal, etc.  Perhaps most importantly, this geothermal unit is environmentally very friendly.

Another part of our kindness to our planet program will soon be coming to the Dog Project.  Special no-emission neighborhood electric vehicles soon will be on the scene for your use and enjoyment at the Sands Point Preserve.  This is going to be fun. Watch for details.

The Dog Project also is working on other practical ways for humanity to help rather than hurt our planet.  Stay tuned.                       

(click on picture for a great, scary looking geothermal system) 


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