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Most of what you hear comes from humans.  This page is directly from us dogs.

Every day thousands of our friends at public animal shelters and in the streets are killed because they don't have a good home.  To honor these dogs and to  prevent future deaths, we ask you to:

Make sure before you bring one of our fellow dogs into your  home that you have the time and energy to care for him or her as you would for any other member of your family.

When you know you can care for a dog, please go to your public  animal shelter first to adopt one of our wonderful homeless friends.  Then, if necessary, try rescue groups and/or private shelters.

Whatever you do, please don't get a dog from a pet store.  Just about all dogs in a pet store come from breeding mills where they have been bred  under pitiful, unhealthy conditions.  Buying a dog from a pet store will encourage continuation of this horrible practice. If you seek a specific breed and you can't find one at the sources recommended above,  please make sure you go to a reputable breeder.

Please don't bring a dog into your home as a pet until she or he has been professionally spayed or neutered.  Many reputable shelters will spay or neuter their dogs before they leave the premises.




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