Dogs & Kids Helping Each Other

Foxy is The Dog Project mascot

Mindy watches over us

     Dog U. is an exciting educational, action and sports adventure for school kids.    

     The visiting kids and our dogs help each other.  All of our many activities combine fun and purpose. 

     Just for one example, school kids starting at elementary school age visit The Dog Project to participate in exciting Dog U programs in which they learn the love of words and reading with the help of the actual presence of dogs. Educators are beginning to take advantage of the fact that children are more responsive to learning when friendly dogs are part of the equation.  Our special environment presents a change of pace which makes learning easier and more fun. We use hands on, safe, fun ways, including sports programs with Olympic athletes, to help inspire the students. Dog U is a wonderful example of kids and dogs working together. Classes and children wishing to take part should contact us at (516) 944-2000. 



Pictured below are elementary school children taking part in our Reading To Dogs program: 

As pictured below, on June 12, 2003, third grade and kindergarten children from Port Washington's Guggenheim School visited us and read to our beautiful collies, Brooke, Laurie and Timmy.  The next day the dogs returned the favor and visited the Guggenheim School library to be read to by a select class of the most improved readers.
In another part of Dog U, 7 to12 year old children have worked on a program to help increase the adoptability of shelter dogs by learning to train dogs in basic obedience. In these sessions, which started in the year 2000, the children learned how to relate to, understand, work with and train dogs in obedience, agility and sports, as shown below:


Lots more kids, dogs and pictures to come!

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